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About Sue

Sue B. Kuebler was born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, PA.  She realized her passion for cooking many moons ago under the expertise and guidance of her late mother-in-law, Jane Kuebler, who taught her many of the recipes still featured on her menu today.

Although Sue and Three Sisters have changed a lot over the years, she is still happiest at home in Fairview with her husband, Clarke, her lifelong assistant, and most enjoys passing along cooking (and life) advice, good food, and lots of love to her daughters...the Three Sisters.

Three Sisters: A History

Sue began catering officially about twenty years ago under the name Kuebler's Kitchen and has catered hundreds of parties, charity events, weddings and corporate events over the years. 

A few years ago, Sue took on catering in a more professional capacity and re-branded her company as Three Sisters Catering as a nod to her daughters, Sarah, Emily and Laura - her best employees. 


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